I Want To Save Money On My Bill What Window Treatments Should I Use

In most finished homes there will be some kind of window treatment.
Window treatments can be a curtain,a blind a shade or even shutters.The purpose is the same in all four types which is :

Privacy :- A window treatment can block views into the home either partially or fully allowing for privacy.
Insulation :- A window treatment can provide an additional layer of insulation in a home. Windows account for up to 50 % of hot and cool air loss in a home.

Light Control :- The type of window treatment you choose can determine the amount of natural light that is allowed into a room.

Decor Vision:-You will want to assure that which ever treatment you choose will fit in with the vision you have for your overall decor .Different colors textures and materials available which will help with this.

Factors affecting the cost of window treatments

No matter which type you choose to place in your home,there are several factors that will influence the cost of installation.

An important factor is whether you decide to install the window treatments yourself. Professionals can be expensive.

Whether window treatments are custom made
Are the windows extra large or shaped unusually
Is there old window treatments that need to be removed first .
Are the window treatments at ground level or or if they are intended for external use ( I.e shutters ) perhaps on a second or third floor.
Will you be ordering for a lot of windows, as bulk ordering can often mean a lowering in overall price.

Type of materials for window treatment

The following is a brief idea about the comparative cost for window treatments.

These can cost a budget price of $10 or as much as $95.The price is based on the quality of the shade. The cheapest would be a simple shade made from a low cost fabric.

Blinds can range in price from $8 a window panel to up to $1000 a panel.Blinds that are made from hardwood will cost considerably more than those made from faux wood.If your windows are of a standard size and shape this will keep the cost down.A mass produced mini blind will cost in the region of $7 to $ 40 per blind.


Shutters can cost between $20 to $700 depending again on the type of material that the shutters are made of.For a standard shutter the normal price is between $20 to $150. Shutters are available in three types of materials.

The cheapest shutters are those made from vinyl. They are water resistant and can be ordered in most shapes and colors. They should however not be used in very large window areas.

Faux wood /Composite Shutters

These shutters are made from engineered wood and are coated in PVC. They are weather resistant and look just like real wood.These are a great budget choice.

Wooden Shutters

These are the top of the shutters range and the most expensive type.

Curtains and Drapes

Drapes cost an average of $100 to $250 per panel.However these prices can range considerably taking into account the size of the window and quality of the material used.They do not usually have the longevity of shutters but are a easy budget option if you do not use an expensive material.

The final decision should be based on your final budget. However it is worth also keeping in mind that a slightly more expensive treatment will be a long term investment for your home/a>.