Signs That Termites Are Taking Over Your Property

Termites usually come in vast or huge numbers. They can easily destroy anything that is made of wood. House structures, wooden fences, tree barks and the like are just some common examples of these. If you are a homeowner in a rural area or your house is near one then you need to watch out for these termites. They love to propagate in tropical and hot countries and they can do so within weeks. There are several tale tell signs of termites taking over your property which you can refer to below.

Firstly, you find mud tunnels on the foundations of your wooden house or fence. These mud tunnels are usually made by a certain specie of termites called the subterranean termites. These termites usually live under the ground. They can gain access to the foundations of a wooden house or fence undetected, making it hard to notice their infestation until its too late. They build these mud tunnels in order for them to easily navigate thru the area of your home. Such mud tubes or mud tunnels can be usually found beside or near water sources, as the termites use water in order to decompose wood in their bodies.

Another sign of termites taking over your property is the termite noise. This is usually emitted by dry termites, another variety of termites. Unlike the subterranean termites, these dry termites live above ground, and build their mound on wet, damp or moist places full of wood, scrap lumber and other similar materials. When these dry termites and gnawing away at the wood foundation of your house or fence, you will typically hear a soft tapping noise. This noise is produced by the termites when they bang their heads and mandibles against the wood that they are chewing on which serves as a signal to other termites.

Thirdly, another sign of termites taking over your property is the presence of hollow wood. Such hollow wood usually start in a portion of the foundation of the house, or a portion of the wooden fence infested by these termites. A colony of termites can typically make a meter long, 2×2 inches wood into a hollow one with a day or two. The usual culprit for hollow wood are dry termites, but sometimes even subterranean ones can be guilty as well. Hollow wood usually looks fine on the outside, but it will crack easily and get destroyed eventually when the time comes.

Lastly, sagging floors and hollow walls can be considered as another sign that termites have already taken over your property. The termites have already eaten the insides of the floor or wall made of wood in this case. Repairs in this case will be very difficult, and the usual recommendation is total wreckage of the floor area or wall area infested by these pests. Small holes usually accompany these sagging floors and hollow walls. Such holes belong to these termites, which allow them to easily travel to and from the affected area in question.

With termites prevention is key. This will save you thousands from house or property repairs. To know what steps you can take to prevent termite infestation, click here