Hardwood Vs Laminate Flooring


Flooring is not an easy task and requires research before the process of installation. It is advisable to be thorough and explore the different types of flooring, the advantages, and the setbacks.

Laminate flooring is a multilayered product resulted from lamination. This flooring involves a photographic outlook of stone or wood. Mostly laminate flooring is mistaken for vinyl but is of completely different nature and composition.

Hardwood flooring is any product retrieved from timber used as underfoot for either structural or aesthetic value. Wood comes in various styles, color, and species.

Hardwood flooring gives the home a natural and beautiful outlook. The aesthetic value of timber is breathtaking hence many homeowners are inclined to choosing this type of flooring as their underfoot. Wood flooring offers a warm surrounding and is therefore key for those who have high regard when it comes to comfort and coziness.

Before the new real estate, older traditional homes embraced the idea of hardwood flooring which today is replaced by laminate floors which resemble the hardwood floors but are cheaper in accordance to wood flooring.

The following advantages and disadvantages of laminate wood flooring and hardwood flooring will enable you to determine which type of flooring suits your taste, functionality of the room and also budget. Clients are mostly concerned with the following factors inclusive;


Cost when it comes to flooring differ from one type to the next, and it is mundane to know exactly what you are looking for and also keep an open mind.

Hardwood flooring includes the use of wood such as oak and pine tree. Therefore, the pricing depends on the level of exoticness of the tree used in the flooring. Low-end oak, maple and ash solid can go as low as 3$ and as high as 5$ per square foot. Hardwood flooring becomes more expensive as the sizes and quality go higher. The cost of buying, however, may not be as expensive as installing.

Laminate wood flooring which is a result of composite wood being compressed at high pressure after that the photographic image of hardwood placed on top of the multilayered product. The cost of laminate wood flooring is cheaper than the hardwood flooring and is as well, more inexpensive to install. Laminate flooring up to the half price of hardwood installation. Quality laminate can be purchased for about 3$ per square foot whereas thinner laminate is below that and as a result of less aesthetic value.


Sustainability depends mostly on the traffic flow in that particular room and how well one adheres to the instructions of the manufacturer when it comes to care and maintenance. For more durable flooring, you are urged to avoid wear and tear also maintain the aesthetic value.

installing flooring materials

Hardwood flooring is known for its beautiful outlook and the value its adds to the home depending on the type of wood used. As much as it is held in high regards when it comes to its aesthetic value as compared to laminate wood flooring, it is easily damaged. Hardwood flooring durability is as well dependent on the finish, manufacturers and maintenance precautions. Hardwood is not suitable in places of high traffic; this may lead to scratches, also avoid areas of moisture that may result in wear and tear. Natural softwood is susceptible to damage as compared to the engineered hardwood floors otherwise referred to the as solid wood. Hardwood can last for an entire lifetime plus.

Laminate wood flooring is a result of multiple kinds of wood compressed together and therefore not as easily susceptible to wear and tear. This type of flooring can go up to 10 years. This factor makes laminate wood flooring long lasting and maintains the first generic outlook.  To add on, the floor is also easy to clean. Nevertheless, the laminate is not as appealing as hardwood flooring; you may find chips or wood grains after a period especially if low quality of laminate was used.