Garbage Disposal And What To Know

John Hammes brought to life a classic invention by the name garbage disposal. Since 1927, the system has proved to be very effective in the kitchen. In fact, almost all households have one disposal system. The design of such systems is made in such a way that you dont have to move out of the kitchen to get your garbage out. However, not all types of waste goes into the disposal system. Some of the materials could trigger damages. It is hence important that you understand the ins and outs of the garbage disposal to get the most out of it.


There are different parts of the garbage disposal that make up its anatomy. Under the sink, there is a hopper chamber. This is where the food waste first goes before it is drained down the system. Other parts include flywheel, insulated motor and so on. It is best when you understand what role every part plays to ensure that you dont overload the system or put it at risk.

Its not for every waste

Many mistake garbage disposal system for the normal waste bins. Well, these are two different things. For the bins, there is a bigger scale with regard to what you can put in there. It can be just about anything. For the garbage disposal, there are limitations. If you want your system to last long and provide convenient services, ensure that you abide to the food wastes only. Again, not all liquids or food scraps should go down the drain. Some like grease and large particles should not be forced into the garbage system. Whatever doesnt work for the garbage should go into the waste bin. Thats why you need both.


Even when you are careful not to put certain wastes into the garbage, there is no guarantee that it will be problem free. Thats where regular inspections come in. troubleshooting is recommended regularly to ensure that any developing issues are repaired in advance. By so doing, you get to save a lot of money that could otherwise go into advanced plumbing repairs or even replacement of the entire system.

Clogged system

Clogging is a common problem that affects the garbage disposal system. Different food wastes behave differently when mixed with water. Where water is not available, some materials might dry up leading to blockages. Knowing what to do in the event of clogging will go a long way to ensure that it doesnt become a menace. Preventative approaches are recommended. Where you are unable to repair the clogs, call your plumber.

Shopping for garbage disposal

When installing a garbage disposal system, not all brands will do. You need to be careful to select the best system to work for your kitchen. There are the many features to look for. Work closely with expert plumbers to help you with recommendations. Go for specifics rather than generalities.


There are two options when it comes to installation of garbage systems. You can decide to go with DIY; but only when you have the required skills. If not the case, then you will have to hire a plumber to help with the professional installation.