Most Common Causes Of Roof Problems

Roofs are prone to problems because they are exposed to the atmosphere and the environment. Besides the normal weather elements that can cause damage to the roofs there are very many other problems that homeowners should be aware about. Here are some of the most common causes of problems on your roof.

Having creatures like raccoons and bats leaving in your attic and other parts of the house causes damage to the roof. Such critters will scratch on the roof, break the roof, remove or feed on the insulation, cause leakage and so many more problems. A homeowner should be on the look out for critters on their roof. When you notice that they have inhabited your home, you need to get rid of them immediately before they breed and cause more damage. There are humane ways in which animal control can get rid of such creatures on your roof and you can have it repaired.

UV light
Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is one of the biggest cause of damage to the roof. The roof is exposed to the UV radiation and this causes the shingles to wear down faster than they should. This is because the UV radiation breaks down the bonds holding the shingles together making the shingles brittle and easy to break.

When there is a storm the roofs are exposed to a lot of problems and hence major damages. Storms will come with strong winds that can cause the roof to blow off. The strong winds also come carrying debris which can be dropped on the roof causing damage. Also heavy downpours and hails can reduce the mineral protective coating on the shingles. When this coating comes off it causes the shingles to start disintegrating and over time the roofs will need to be replaced.

Ice/ Snow
Accumulation of ice or snow on the roof can be dangerous. This is because it hinders proper flow of water from the roof. Also it increases the weight of the roof significantly which compromises the structure that holds the roof and the frame. Ice and snow should be cleared off from the roof to prevent it from accumulation.

Clogged gutters
Gutters are a part of the roof that is usually neglected. It is important to ensure that the gutters clean and can allow proper flow of water that runs off from the roof. If the gutters are clogged due to debris or ice, the do not allow water to flow which increases the volume of water in the gutters and hence the weight of the gutters. When the gutters become heavy they can rip off damaging the eaves and the parts of the roof holding the gutters. When the damage starts here it can easily move up the roof causing unprecedented damage to your entire roof.