5 Easy Ways To Bring A Dried Up Garden Back To Life

Keeping your garden looking great needs to be carried on throughout the year. Maintenance of your garden is especially important during the summer months. As it gets hotter, you’ll often notice that your garden starts to look dry and a little lifeless. This is the time when you need to take extra care of your garden, no matter its size. If however if you’ve forgotten about it for a while there are a few things you can do that can help bring a dried-up garden back to life.

1 – Recognize The Underlying Problems

There are several reasons your garden has dried out. The primary reasons could of course be lack of water, nutrition, and infestation. Identifying what is the reason for your garden drying out will help you better work out what work you need to do to rectify this problem.

2 – Remove Dead Parts From Plants

This is a very important step to help you bring life back into your garden. Removing any dead parts from plants will help the rest of the plant to thrive. Begin by removing any dead leaves before then moving on to removing parts of the plant’s stems. Remove around1/3 of the stem to a part where you can see new life.

3 – Bring Back Life Into Plants Where The Stem Is Dead

You’ve noticed that the stem of the plant you are trying to bring back to life is dead, but there is still life in its roots. Do not cut the plant right back to its base, close to the soil. Instead, leave around 5 cm of the stem of the plant above the soil, as this will help the plant draw in the essential nutrients it needs.

4 – Place Thirsty Plants To More Humid Locations

The first sign that a thirsty plant isn’t getting sufficient water is that its leaves turn brown and curl up. You could keep the plants where they are and make sure that you water them more often. But the best thing to do is to move them to a humid location in your garden. Also, make sure that they are out of direct sunlight. Place them in a part of the garden where they are provided with shade by other plants.

5 – Take Care With The Addition Of Fertilizer

When you are trying to bring life back into your garden, you will probably be tempted to add some fertilizer. This is something that you shouldn’t do when trying to help plants in your garden to recover. Plants will find it difficult to regrow, as any fertilizer you use could cause damage to their roots. It is far better if you wait until the plant has recovered.