4 Ways To Make A Long-distance Move Easy For You And Your Family

Are you one of the millions of americans who moved their homes or businesses in the recent years?

If yes, you definitely know the struggle of moving – especially if you haven’t worked with a team of movers in Minnesota. If that was the case, you definitely
know the stress and frustration when it comes to a long distance move.

The truth is this:

Even with the best movers, there are still some things that you can do on your own and simplify the process of long distance moving in Minnesota. To help you
with that, we are sharing the five tips for making that process easy.

1. Understanding The Term ‘First Available Delivery Date’

Long distance movers in Minnesota work with a term called ‘First Available Delivery Date’ and are obligated to deliver your items within thirty business days of
the first available delivery date – or the first possible day that you are ready for your belongings. Therefore, if you need time to prepare your new home before
your items arrive, make sure to choose your F.A.D.D. accordingly.

2. Understanding The Different Extra Fees That Can Add Up

You should definitely expect some extra fees of your relocation service to add up during the process. Long distance
moving in Minnesota
is after all a subject to different fees including stair fees, elevator fees, shuttle fees, storage fees etc.

The best way to understand what these extra fees actually are is to ask your Minnesota mover for a detailed price list for their services and have them in mind.

3. Get A Dedicated Truck

Getting a dedicated truck for your moving process is a service that costs you an additional fee – but also one that adds a level of convenience to your moving
that makes the cost definitely worth it. In the moving industry, a dedicated truck refers to a truck that is used for long-distance moving your shipment only.

That way, you won’t carry the risk of mixing the boxes and will know that the dedicated truck is going to your location only.

4. Get Expedited Delivery

If you ever want to pay an extra fee to your long distance moving, then you should get the expedited delivery – and have your items arrive exactly on a specific
data. This will make it easy for you to plan your unpacking and eliminate any struggle throughout the process.

In the end, by planning things properly and getting informed about moving as much as you can – you will be able to minimize the costs and enjoy a happy moving